Hjärtats Intelligens

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Vår planet och hela mänskligheten är på tröskeln till en ny nivå i vår evolution. Fler och fler människor börjar vakna upp till en ny verklighet. Även om detta fortfarande är nytt och kanske förvirrande för många så går vetenskap och andlighet samman nu, vilket har banat väg för en helt ny kvalité i våra liv.
Den forntida heliga visdomen av teknologi av medvetande går samman med upptäckten av epigenetik och kvantfysik, och vi upptäcker hur positiva energier kan skördas och användas i våra liv. Vid närmare titt blir det uppenbart att både Einstein och Buddha lärde ut samma sak: visdomen av universums energier och hur de fungerar. Både Einstein och Buddha menade att allt är energi. De båda arbetade hela sitt liv med att förstå och arbeta utifrån denna uppfattning. Men Einstein kom från sinnet och den rationella sidan, medan … Read More »

Books from Anette Carlstrom

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Read about Anette’s breakthrough experiences, her wisdom and insights and discover a doorway into the Presence that are extraordinary and carry the power of the Oneness Blessings on each page..

NEW CD – Bija Mantras

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Bija Mantras äre powerful Medicine of Tranformation, carrying the ”seed” of the mantra in its most powerful form.


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Each track carries a special energy transfer of the Oneness Blessing, bringing you to an Awakenng of the Heart and a direct experience of the Presence within.

Liberation of Karma

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We have now entered a special time in our evolution of consciousness where there is full opportunity to “download” a higher consciousness that can give you forgiveness, heal old hurts, sorrows and worries and give you a lasting Awakening of the Intelligence of the Heart. It is simply the season we have now come into in the Cosmic Evolution of Consciousness.

Oneness – Endless Possibilities

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We are beings of constantly shifting energy that is continuously growing and developing in endless possibilities. The time is here, it is no longer possible to conceal the inner Light. Take a deep dive into the endless waves of possibilities – it is now time to renew and restore the vibrational frequenzies your whole being so long have yearned to be in harmony with.

Morphic field

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You may have heard of the power of our Morphfic field (field of consciousness that is empowered by groups of thousands, millions, and sometimes billions) and how everything that exists has Morphic fields, it can be of great value or it can destroy you.

We all have a resonance with what we see. For example, when we cling to stories and events by talking about them, we make ourselves a reality through this, and what is actually happening is that it takes us away from reality and its possibilities.

Similarly, if we judge someone, something or ourselves, we have in this time of Awakening a responsibility to decharge this destructive energy within to experience and transmit reality in its true nature.

When we disconnect ourselves from the belief systems and Morphic fields that create chaos and havoc we can focus on what it … Read More »

The Power of Mantras in the Golden Age

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We are in a very exciting time when the birth of the Golden Age just dawned and we are learning how to live and discover a whole new consciousness. Awakening is a phenomenon that is now taking place in such a large scale that we have never in our history previously seen anything like it! And it is now that the journey begins for real – the co creation begins after the illusion of self no longer holds reality.

The Void

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An action is technically happening before there is a thought about it. Science has discovered how a body movement is performed in a fraction of a second before the thought about it actually arises. To get the direct experience of this you have to discover the emptiness or the void inside. Mind is a mechanism that constantly strives to fill this void, and that is why most people don’t experience this emptyness.

Upcoming events and words from Anette

Here you can learn of upcoming events – at the center, around the world, and online. You can also read the latest words from Anette. // Kommande evenemang på meditationscentret, runt om i världen och online.